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Epping Dulux

This article will discuss Dulux paint and the best Epping Dulux paint. If you live around Melbourne and Epping and plan a house painting or commercial painting, you should consider high-grade paints.

A high-quality paint like Epping Dulux plays a vital role in achieving an excellent painting and finish. Here we will understand what Dulux paint is.

How old is Dulux paint?

If you’re wondering whether Dulux paint is good and what Dulux paint is, we will help you learn. Dulux Paint is a well-known paint brand that people around the world trust. It has been around since 1931. Companies like Imperial Chemical Industries and DuPont started it back in the day.

They were pioneers in making special paints called alkyd paints. This brand now manages by AkzoNobel, which has retained its positive aspects since 2008. Another company, PPG Industries, takes care of Dulux paint in the United States.

Dulux has been important in the world of paint and related stuff in Australia and New Zealand since 1904. It’s the most extensive company that makes paint products in Australia. In 2019, Nippon Paint welcomed Dulux into their family.

Dulux has grown a lot by buying other companies. In 1988, they got British and Berger Paints. That made them even bigger in the world. They kept growing and got Cabot’s in 1996. Dulux paint became a major player in Australia, where Wattyl and Taubmans were big names. Now Dulux is the best paint in Australia.

You can find high-quality paints in the north of Melbourne, specifically in Epping, a lively city with a great spirit. Dulux Paint Epping is one of the best brands that is available there.

Auspaint Sydney, an experienced painter, offers many different colours of Epping Dulux. Our Epping Dulux paint services aren’t just about selling paints. We are like a partner in making things look better and more special.

Dulux has a long history of making paint better and being creative. They’re always coming up with new ideas. They really care about making customers happy. From the start with alkyd-based paints to now, Dulux has kept adding colour and creativity to homes and places worldwide, like Epping Dulux.

Epping Dulux

How long does Dulux exterior paint last?

If you use good quality paint like Dulux Weathershield or similar ones like Sandtex and prepare well, it can look good for about 7-8 years or even more.

If you think you will paint again later, there are two options. You can use two undercoats, one gloss coat, one undercoat, and two gloss coats. The first option gives more protection because it’s thicker, while the second option makes the surface tougher.

Epping Dulux Weathershield paint is designed to move with the surface, so it won’t peel, blister, or crack. It also sticks well, resists mould, dirt, and stains, and you don’t need a separate primer because it primes itself. Whether you want a bit shiny, not-so-shiny, or flat, Epping Dulux has the best paint. It uses MaxiFlex stretch technology to stay solid and flexible, protecting your place from harsh weather.

You can save money by adding an extra coat. It costs less than 10% more and even less if scaffolding is part of the cost.

In any case, whether you choose two coats or three coats, your exterior painting will likely last longer than the time the next government stays in power.


How long does Dulux paint last in tin?

How long paint lasts in a tin, like Dulux paint, depends on where you keep it and what Kind of paint it is. If you close the paint tin really well and keep it in a dry, not-too-hot place, unopened Dulux paint can stay good for many years.

Over time, paint can change in thickness or appearance. Before using old paint, check if it’s still good by smelling or stirring it.

If you open a can of paint, it will not last as long as an unopened can because air can cause the paint to dry or thicken. It is best to use opened paint within one to two years for optimal results.

Epping Dulux

What Does Epping Dulux Do?

Epping Dulux paint, particularly their Weathershield range designed for the outside of buildings, offers a bunch of good things that can make it an excellent choice for your exterior house painting. Here are some benefits of Epping Dulux paint:

  1. Primer Included:This paint acts as a primer on many surfaces. It’s like doing two jobs simultaneously, saving you time and work.
  2. Water-Based:This paint’s main ingredient is water. That’s better for the environment, and it makes cleaning up easier. No need for strong chemicals to clean your brushes or rollers.
  3. Special Flexible Formula: The paint is made with a special formula that lets it stretch and move when the weather changes. So, the paint still looks good, even if it gets hot or cold.
  4. Works on Different Surfaces: You can use this paint on all sorts of things. That gives you more choices for what you want to paint.
  5. Fights Stains: If you’re painting wood, Dulux wood paintstops stains from showing up. Some woods have things that can stain the paint, but not with the Dulux power.

Dulux is trying to be more careful about the environment. They’ve come up with something called Dulux envirO2, a new formula that’s all about being more eco-friendly. It shows that Dulux and professional painters who use it are trying to make a better planet.

If you’re looking for paint that is easy to use, durable in different weather conditions, and environmentally friendly, consider Dulux Weathershield with envirO2 commitment for your exterior painting needs.

Auspaint Uses the Best Epping Dulux Paint

Auspaint Sydney, with its wealth of experience spanning many years, proudly offers a diverse selection of high-quality paints, including Taubmans, Wattyl and the famous Dulux paint epping.

With a team of professional painters and utilizing Dulux paint, we are experts in delivering top-notch services for commercial painting, industrial painting and house painting.

Make contact today to help you with colour consultation and your painting to create a place you love.

Epping Dulux

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